Really Big Windows

Your really big windows got you stumped? We are big window specialists! We can cover your window up to 40' wide in a seamless shade. Our options include electric shades, remote control draperies, roman shades, cornices, patio shades among others.

When others say "No"

That doesn't mean that it can't be done by someone with the expertise.  It just means that they don't know how or what they offer won't make your dream a reality.

Your large or tall windows are outside the specifications of the the treatment you really love? Are your windows an unusual shape? You want it remote controlled with Google, Alexa or Siri? We're your solution. We'll put our 50 years of up-to-date current experience to work for you and fabricate you what you want.

Multiple Shades within a single opening

Years ago we didn't have a choice but to install multiple - narrow shades within a wide opening.  This left unsightly gaps between each shade and they didn't operate in sync with each other.  Their hem lines were generally uneven too.

Wide shade widths for seamless shades

New technology created wider width goods leading to seamless shades spanning wide window openings.  Larger tube diameters, more powerful battery motors, and better performing plastics have led RK Window Fashions to offer unprecedented seamless fabric options for almost any window.


Sliding panel shutters can be made as wide as you can imagine.  The ingenuity of the overhead tracks allow the panels to slide back and forth literally just the same as the glass panels covering your opening.


Your new extra large sliding glass door panels deserve stylish unordinary treatments that add sophistication to your home and don't detract from your views.

Our large expanse expertise is rare in our industry.  We relish your large window openings.  We can cover up to 40 feet with a single shade.  We commonly cover 20 to 28 foot openings with single shades.  You don't have to listen to someone who wants to break up your distinctive views with multiple shades.  It is a disservice to your home.  Call RK Window Fashions for a proper perspective.


Fabric treatments are a delightful method of covering extra large expanses of glass.  Whether your window or door opening is a single opening or a multitude of openings, fabric draperies can combine and cover them no matter how big they are.  We have been supplying fabric treatments for over 50 years.

Patio Shades

Call us before you agree to split your big opening into multiple shades.  We are wide opening experts.  We can cover openings up to 40 feet wide with a single seamless shade.

Outdoor Patio Solar Shades are one of our most popular treatments.  We can keep you patio shaded and cooler in the summer and warmer, minimizing breezes, during the winter months.

Don't settle for multiple shades within one opening.  Call on us and our large expanse expertise for a fully functioning single shade solution.

We even have solar powered systems that don't require an electrician.
Alexa, Hey Google, and Siri  or 3rd party automation systems all can operate your shades.

Others say "no"

Branded manufacturers, like Hunter Douglas, make their products for the masses - the most common window sizes.  When you fall outside of those specifications, you will hear its not available.  Call us as our expertise will find a way to help realize your dreams.  We'll put our 50 years of up-to-date current experience to work for you and fabricate what you want.

Really BIG Openings

Your really big windows got you stumped?  We are big window specialists!  We can cover your window up to 40' wide in a seamless shade.  Our options include electric shades, remote control draperies, roman shades, cornices, patio shades among others.

RK Window Fashions

Your Best Phoenix area Blind, Shade, Shutter, Drapery, Patio Shade, Remote control source -
Where every budget deserves exceptional Quality!

We are Phoenix natives – serving the Valley with our 3 generations of window covering families. Over the last 50 years, our families have serviced thousands & thousands of homes throughout Arizona with new shutters, blinds, shades, draperies, patio shades, and Hunter Douglas products.

Our decades of experience and longevity in our area of expertise reflects our commitment to you - our customer. We pamper you from introduction, during, & after the sale. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t.

RK Window Fashions is a Somfy Certified Gold Expert. We have been specifying, fabricating, & installing Somfy motors for over 30 years. We can integrate your motorized products with almost any Home Automation system. We speak motor technology at any level you need!

Give us a call today so that we can assist you in making your new dream a reality!

What Our Past Customers Say

“No one else would help us with our large sliding door shades.  They came out better then we had hoped. 

Thank you!”

Lisa D.
Northwest Valley

“You did what you said.  Great job. We love them.”

Bill J.

“RK Window Fashions was a delight to work with.  We met them before our construction began and they worked with us all through our custom home build.  We definitely will recommend them to all our friends.”

Mary W.

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